Our Story

Morocco Riads & Beyond

Dov Kagan

Founder & Chairman
Morocco Riads & Beyond

Mr. Dov Kagan, an ex-consummate hotelier with 40+ years of travel industry experience, serial entrepreneur and avid traveler who consistently travels on an average 200 days out of every year.

Morocco Riads & Beyond is his brainchild and he spends most of the time looking after the business and implementing new ideas for offering the best experience to customers.

How "Morocco Riads and Beyond" Came To Be...

A cancelled flight in Istanbul that was  re-routed to Marrakech brought together with-it maiden seeds of Dov's new dream and passion called Morocco Riads & Beyond. 

He cancelled all plans of traveling elswhere and off to Morocco he was.  The one-week trip to Morocco and Marrakech turned into the journey of a lifetime, 45 days of bliss in his newfound love which he now calls his, “Home away from Home”.

During his lovely time in Marrakech, he extensively experienced and reviewed about 100 Riads, very exclusive select iconic hotels and Villa estates over 100-point check list and out of which he brings to you his signature collection, which he proudly calls his 20 diamonds. He truly fell in love and got wonderstruck on how busy Souks and Bazaars would suddenly lead way to a traditional Moroccan dwelling called Riads.

He continued his journey by handpicking the most luxurious select hotels, private villas, and plush suites which he recommends being enjoyed after savoring a few days of the riad style of living to partake in golf, tennis and much more which are all unforgettable treasures to experience in Marrakech.


Perhaps, you are the more adventurous type and would enjoy a trip to the desert, or maybe a journey in the sky in a hot air balloon not to forget the stunning views of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the little Berber villages nestled in the hills ... Not only this, would you like to explore the choicest selection of private luxury villas in Greece on your way to Morocco that offers majestic views of the island or boutique adventures in Israel combined with Morocco? Our experts will be eager to tailor bespoke itineraries with anything and everything that comes to your mind.

Your Morocco elite concierge is ready to assist in creating and serving your every desire with 5-star white glove 24/7 service and committed to leave you with that unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime!