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Adventures in Morocco

With us you don't get to make compromises on your dreams. We guide and support you, as your trusted companion, to explore and experience Morocco with a bouquet of exciting mix of activities and adventures.

Highlights include:

  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Marrakech Flavours
  • Lunch at the farm
  • One Thousand and One Nights

Desert Safari - Morocco

Desert Safari Morocco offers you an adventurous trip traversing through the sandy lands of the desert. Jeep Safari enables to cover maximum ground in the comfort and safety of the jeep. We offer multiple options based on your interest and convenience.

  • Overnight in the desert camp including the sunset and sunrise in the desert
  • Full day Safari with an overnight in the hotel
  • Half day safari starting in the morning before sunrise or in the evening before sunset

Travel Itinerary

Your travel and stay related essentials are completely taken care of by us, to ensure your peace of mind is unblemished while you enjoy every bit of Morocco Trip. We can also arrange complete travel itinerary for visitors who would like to add Morocco in their travel plans from anywhere in the planet.


  • Flight Arrangement
  • Visa Procurement
  • Villa Booking