Morocco Adventures

Memories you will cherish forever

Dawn in the Air

In the fresh morning air, I am flying! I have no wings but I am a swallow, a stork, a raptor. My sumptuous vessel takes me away and makes me float on the waves of light winds. The sky is a blue ocean which kindly welcomes my dreams. There is nothing but silence, immensity, harmony and… caress. That of the gentle breeze on my cheeks, that of my gaze amazed by the grandiose and so peaceful nature.

Precious Moments:

  • Hot-air balloon inflating
  • Launching and balloon flight over the Atlas Mountains and palm groves of Marrakesh
  • Gourmet Breakfast in the air
  • Receive your hot-air balloon first flight certificate

Marrakech Flavours

In the late afternoon, a great chef will guide you in discovering the secrets of the worldwide renowned Moroccan cuisine. A symphony of colours and flavours will be performed for you during the exquisite dinner on a terrace of the famous Square Jemma El Fna.

Precious Moments:

  • The gourmet tour with the chef at your side
  • Discovery of the food and spices stalls of the Square
  • The friendly dinner

Duration: 3 Hours

Lunch at the Farm

Destination…countryside…quiet greenery. Marrakech region is a significant agricultural area. Grain, fruit and vegetable crops, cattle breeding, sheep and coat farming…This seems just miraculous in these semi-arid climate conditions. But man has learned how to irrigate and cultivate the soil. Apricots, peaches, figs, almonds, olives… will colour the tajines to the delight of all.

Precious Moments:

  • Meeting with the Berber farmers
  • Visit of the farm
  • Cuisine workshop
  • Farm product tasting

Duration: 6 Hours

One Thousand and One Nights

One thousand and one nights just for two, no it is not too much. In Marrakech they could last forever. On a terrace of the Red City time stands still. Scheherazade would not stop telling the most passionate love stories. Oriental music would enhance the narration. The starry sky would become a golden silk canopy.

Precious Moments:

  • Arrival in a horse-drawn carriage
  • Romantic candlelit dinner on a private terrace
  • Musicians playing during dinner

Duration: 3 Hours

Wine Tours

The romans had shown the way ahead. Today French winemakers uphold the tradition, using their Bordeaux expertise, in this Middle Atlas Mountains region that sometimes recalls Tuscany. Reds, Whites, Rosés, Gris, enhance their grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, Marselan, Trempalino…that offer wines of superior quality. The Moroccan warm soil takes care of them.

Precious Moments:

  • Meeting with winemakers
  • Guided visit of the elegant wine domain
  • Visit of the olive grove
  • Wine tasting
  • Olive oil tasting. Awarded best olive oil in the world
  • Lunch in the domain

Duration: 7 Hours

Gourmet Trails

Colours, smells, savours, the food souk alleys are plentiful. Fes is a genuine gastronomic capital. Melouis, baghir, harcha are prepared before your eyes. Briwates, dried meats, tangias, tagines, spicy sardines, and olives are tasted on the spot. Silky wild honeys join the delicacy parade. The story-teller introduces you to the world of spices and narrates the little funny legends from the farnatchi. Enter the backstage!

Precious Moments:

  • Meeting with the Chef
  • Choose your personal recipes
  • Discovery of the souk and ingredient shopping
  • Cuisine workshop
  • Course tasting party

Duration: 3 Hours

The Horse Whisperer

It is sometimes called “The King of desert”. It was born there then its natural elegance conquered the world. It exudes courage, energy, and nobility. The purebred Arabian horse is really the Kings’s choice.

Precious Moments:

  • Countryside break
  • Horse-riding with an instructor
  • Lunch at a farm table
  • Visit of the Selman Marrakech horse stables and tea at Haras

Duration: 4 Hours

Golden Palette

Only a few kilometers from the bustling Marrakech time stands still. The gentle hills became sand dunes and rocky tracks wind between rammed earth houses. Riding a nonchalant dromedary, you will discover this moon like landscape. The quad bike will provide thrills and spills. The great book of Nature seems to have been written here.

Precious Moments:

  • Discovery of this fascinating rock desert site
  • Camel ride (40 mins)
  • Lunch in the Agafay desert in a private tents
  • Quad bike (2 hrs)

Duration: 5 Hours


Casablanca city centre is like an open book of Art deco architecture and abounds with emblematic buildings. In the twenties, the French architects were encouraged to give a free rein to their imaginations. A journey back in time accompanied by young motivated architects.

Precious Moments:

  • Discovery of a stunning architectural whole
  • Exciting meeting with young architects, members of Casa Mémoire Association, fighting for the preservation of this splendid heritage


Duration: 6 Hours

Retro Tour

Sit down comfortably in the basket of the sidecar and open your eyes. Low down enough to get a completely different angle. Your guide and driver, passionate “insider”, can peer into all the hidden corners of the Ochre City.
At a higher speed, discovering the little Atlas Mountains, the “Djibilettes”, the olive groves, the rammed earth villages, the experience becomes exhilarating.

Precious Moments:

  • Meeting with your driver who drove his sidecar all over the world

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins to 3 Hours